Proven Results with TFW Central CT’s Coaching Staff

Andrew Carducci

My name is Andrew Carducci, I’m 25 and I’m an Associate Operator. Before training with Gina I was never sure if I was pushing myself enough. I was also looking for workouts I could do, but they weren’t tailored to me. I had a few reservations before starting. At the time money was an issue and I was also nervous if I was going to like the change from my old gym. When working with Coach Gina I was able to talk to her about how my process was going, to see if there was anything I needed to do or change to ramp up my weight lost. It was also great mentally knowing that if I didn’t show up or if I didn’t make the right choices on food that someone was there to hold me accountable for why I didn’t do it. Training with her really changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition. I am always looking at what I eat now, always looking for new challenges for myself when I work out, and also holding myself up to a standard. Since working with Gina my mentality of working out has changed. Before I wasn’t excited as much to workout, but now I am. I’m always looking to find ways to get there more. Gina brings a lot of energy to her training sessions and she’s always finding new ways to motivate you. She also brings a positive vibe when you train with her, there is not a dull moment. I’m recommending my girlfriend to train with Gina now and I think she would be great for her. If you’re afraid of taking the first step, I would just talk to Gina and tell her what you’re looking for. She will always ask how she can help and what she can do for you, unlike other trainers.  Gina is a great coach. I got to train with her for 6 months and I will say she was a blast to work with. We could always talk about what was going outside the gym and she would always listen to your concerns when it came to workouts.

My name is Jennie, I am 26 years old and I am a registered nurse. Prior to working with Coach Gina, I found myself unmotivated and struggled to hold myself accountable when it came to working out consistently and eating well. I could not seem to commit to a home workout program but was lost at the gym.  I made the decision to start working with a personal trainer because I realized that I needed the accountability. I needed someone to tell me when I should go to the gym and what to do when I am there in order to reach my goals.

Before I started training with Gina, I did have some reservations, mainly due to the expense and commitment. As a nurse, my work schedule is subject to change and shift work and I was not sure I would be able to make my sessions or even have the energy to complete them. However, Gina was so flexible and worked around my inconsistent schedule and I found myself excited to train and had so much more energy. I had always been an athlete as a child and in high school and I always enjoyed challenging myself and being part of a team. When training with Coach Gina, I gained back those feelings of accomplishment and strength that I felt when I was an athlete. Unfortunately I had some negative experiences with coaches over the years who chose to criticize rather than motivate. Gina changed my outlook on coaching and she was the positive, encouraging force I had been looking for and ultimately needed to be successful.  Gina has a passion for nutrition and fitness that is so apparent. She practices what she teaches and has so many tips and tricks for success and she is willing to share her own experiences to help her clients reach their goals. Training with Gina made me realize that I do not have to be the fastest or the strongest, I just have to be the healthiest version of myself. Small changes can yield great results! Besides losing over ten pounds and discovering muscles I didn’t know I had, Gina has helped me find a new confidence in myself and create new goals to achieve. I am happier than I ever have been, I have more energy, and I have been able to achieve goals in other areas of my life that would not have been possible without the confidence I feel since training with Gina. Gina is so positive; she exudes energy and a passion for fitness and nutrition that is evident in the success of her clients. Gina has only made me feel strong and beautiful, and she has made me believe in myself more than I ever have. She makes you feel accomplished simply because you showed up and tried, which is all I have ever wanted in a coach. Gina takes all of your goals into account and tailors her programs specifically to you and your strengths and limitations. I would recommend everyone to train with Coach Gina. She has years of experience working with teenagers as well as seventy year-olds and everyone in between! Just give it a try; you have nothing to lose and so very much to gain.  I can honestly say that Gina has absolutely changed my life. I have reached so many goals with her guidance and I have learned so much about health living a fulfilled life.


Margarito Rodriguez

My name is Margarito Rodriguez, I am 50 years old and I work as a restaurant manager. Before I started with Coach Gina, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and my results were very poor, which was very frustrating. I finally made the decision to go into fitness because of my health problems, I was overweight, my sugar levels were high, and also my energy was poor. I did have time, the time was not a problem. I was nervous, didn’t know if it was going to work out, and I didn’t have extra money, but I invested in me because I needed it. I saw results immediately, lost close to 40 pounds in a single year. I have more energy, I sleep better, my sugar level is normal and the doctor tells me that my health is much better than 11 years ago. Training with Gina helped me a lot, I eat better, I look better, people compliment my looks now, and I feel great. It was easy following instructions from Gina because she is super clear when she talks and a great motivator on top of all the knowledge she has. The results of training with Gina were amazing I gained strength, endurance, and confidence. Training with Gina is super easy, she’s very energetic and positive, but the best thing she does is she transmits that to her clients in every single session and you just want to keep going. I recommend anybody that is willing to give a good try because once you try her workouts you are going to love it and get good results. I can probably write a whole page about how good she is as a Coach. I just want to say thank you for helping me become a better me and I have lost 50 pounds total and have more muscle weight.

Proven Results With TFW